Picture by Anna Iglseder, 2018

Dorothée Post is a geographer and graphic designer focused on information design, illustration and visualization of research. She collaborates with different research groups, societies and companies in Europe to design information.

Relevant and conscientious research does not only require knowledge and a lot of time, it also deserves proper visualization. Since 2019, I’m working with my clients on the visual presentation of research, consulting scientists on how to improve graphics or layouts and making my own research on how professional Information Design can be integrated in Geosciences.

Publications, Talks and Awards

What’s coming up?

“The scientific poster needs attention! Approaching the design process as a scientist.” – on the European Geosciences Union 2020. Check out the program for exact day and time!

“Graphic Design is not a rock(et) science” – an Intoduction into graphic design on the annual meeting of the young geomorphologists on June 29th, 2020.