Graphic design is not rock(et) science.

Young scientists face the challenge of being asked to be allround talents. Not only in their field of expertise, but also in presenting their research. Trainings in graphic design for scientists can help to save time and improve the outreach and professionality of their projects. In this workshop, which will take place in June 2020, the participants of the Young Geomorphologists Meeting will be trained in approaching the design process,

I had the pleasure to design a brochure for the Austrian Research Association on Geomorphology and Environmental Change. The brochure informs interested people about the benefits of participation with a mixture of text, pictures (by Martin Mergili) and small infographics. The style is inspired by the colours of the corporate design from the association, the pictures provided and the content. Mountain ranges on the cover represent the core interests of

Land cover change

Linking different processes that have an impact on the earth’s surface is often a challenge. In the research of Dr. Elisabeth Dietze, the influence of lake level changes, sediment transport and fire regimes on landcover do play the major role. As it is a challenge to communicate these different processes, their links and their impact in presentations we designed different Icons, that can be found again throughout the presentation and