Project Description

The scientific poster is one of the most important tools to communicate research projects on conferences. The visual presentation opens up the possibility to discuss the project and return from a conference with new ideas and input from other scientists. For the European Geosciences Union 2017, I designed a poster on my master's thesis topic: "Are hardwood species suited for reconstructing landslides?". The poster shows the theoretical concept in the illustration in the middle, the methodology and the data avaliable. In this stage of the thesis, my main interest was to attract the most people possible to my poster to discuss with me the possibilities of the project. This was achieved by a flat-design in vivid colours that invites the viewer to dive into the topic easily.

The poster was rewarded with the OSPP-award (Outstanding student poster award) in 2017.

Project Details


Scientific Poster


EGU 2017

Project Date:

February 10, 2020