Infographic about geomorphological processes
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The combination of illustration and graphic design offers a unique possibility to communicate the information of your project or company to your audience. These individual designs can be integrated in websites, prints or for social media accounts.

As a geographer, I do focus on the visual communication of topics that are about our relationship with our environment – feel free to explore the portfolio and learn about the variety of topics and visualisations.


Using product design sketches, scientific illustration and comic art as a source of inspiration, I create sceneries and characters which communicate a story or process.


Illustrations can explain products and services within seconds and attract the attention of clients. I had the pleasure to design a series of illustration for the Start-up Terranigma Solutions to explain their innovative services.  

Sometimes it is just fun to create illustrations for products as well! This little drunken duck decorates a liquor series of the Monami Bar in Vienna. 

Mon Liquor


Illustrations for Liquor Labels

Monami GmbH
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Flood risk management

For the Federal Ministry of Agriculture,  Regions and Tourism I created a series of 16 infographics and laminated videos to explain what processes can put natural systems and infrastructure at risk in case of a flooding event. 




Baugeologisches Büro Bauer GmbH
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Implement your new Corporate Design immediately on a website you can easily work on yourself in the future! The combination with illustrations takes your product to life!


For this project, I designed a series of individual Icons to explain the services of Wastics GmbH. The Icons can be combined to infographics and be reused in all the presentation materials of the company. 

A dark illustration series to visualize the short stories from Lina Piskernik about her youth in Florida. 

A state of decay


Illustrations for a zine with short stories

Lina Piskernik

Lina's writing

Journey of a survivor

Most of the time I focus on environmental topics, but in this caseI got the commission to design and infographic for the WAVE Network to show the journey of a survivor of domestic abuse with and without the Istanbul convention. 



Logo Design

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geomorphologie

Logo design and corporate Design are always the base of a good brand or project communication. This is the newly designed Logo for the German association of geomorphology I did in 2021.

Open forests

Communication forest protection in an innovative way with illustration. These Website illustrations for Open forests are used to show the different environments in which the company works. 

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