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Visualisation can have many faces. Explore the different opportunities and get in touch to learn more on how I can help you.


Meaningful information deserves 
high-quality visualisation. Inspired by comics and product design sketching, I create Illustrations and Infographics which underline your message and capture the attention of your audience.

Geography is best explained in a visual way. Travel along with me and watch visual stories about geomorphological processes, understand why and how our landscape forms and how our relationship with our environment forms us and our decisions. Make sure to subscribe! 

Graphic Design

No matter if research project or company – every project has its language. With Logos, Webdesigns oder a Corporate Identity we can bring the character of your project to life.

Some happy clients


Graphic Design is all over scientific work! Learning how to use words, colors, forms and picture to convey the message of your research is essential. These workshops help scientists to learn about graphic design and how to apply it.

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