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Graphic Design is all around scientific work! Words, forms, colors and pictures are the key elements of graphic design and used to communicate research. Therefore, they make a huge impact on whether people are interested in your work or not.

In this workshop you’ll start to learn about how a good design builds up and how to improve your workflow when designing for your research.


You feel like watching a little sneak preview of the workshop before booking? For the EGU 2021 I recorded a short course which you can explore here!

The Basics

Participants: 10 - 15
Duration: 2 x 4 hours
+ Practical part

Learning Goals

The workshop on the basics of graphic design will teach you about the design process (a widely used workflow in many design disciplines), the different elements of graphic design and which messages they can convey to your audience.
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Participants: 8 - 12
Duration: 3 x 4 hours
+ Practical part
+ PDF Manual

Learning Goals

This advanced workshop about graphic design will go beyond the introduction of the design process and the different elements of graphic design: we will addi- tionally learn about the laws of Gestalt. Afterwards you will be able to understand how to arrange elements in a space to convey the right message.
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The content of the workshop can be individually tailored to the students needs, time frame and resources. The workshop concept includes short theoretical lessons about graphical elements, design principles, the design process or color theory but can also contain more advanced content on software and scientific illustration.



To really experience what getting into graphic design as a scientist means, exercises will be performed in small groups and work of other designers are analyzed in the group with the freshly gained knowledge.


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