Graphic Design is all around scientific work!

Words, forms, colours and pictures, which are the key elements of graphic design, communicate research and can make a huge impact on whether people are interested in your work or not. In this workshop you can choose between different packages that suit your needs. 

Decide wether you want to learn about the basics of graphic design or if you’d like to add some more advanced knowlegde about laws of perception and the do’s and dont’s which will make you understand even better how to arrange the design elements you need to communicate your project. 

During the workshop we follow one round of the design process, so you’ll pick your own project you want to learn about, learn about the theory and do research, improve your work and get feedback from the group to improve your work for your upcoming conference! 


Creating precise, clear and objective illustrations to convey information has a long tradition in science. My digital illustrations will help you to explain your content to your audience.


Data is everywhere and becomes more and more complex. Therefore, your graphs deserve to be designed in a way that fits to your project to stay in the mind of your reader.


With the booklet of the workshop you can remind yourself on the resources you can use and the theoretical content we discussed in the workshop.

Online Workshop

You’d like a sneak peak?

On this year’s online EGU General Assembly 2021 I’ll have a short course named “The scientific poster needs attention! Approaching the design process as a scientist” – feel free to join me there and book your advanced course afterwards.

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